That's My Boy . . . (Marnie)

Sam discovered the fun camera settings on the Chromebook.  There's been lots of giggling around here since then.  I got a phone call while typing this up, and I suddenly had 3 gigglers (at least they were trying to be quiet) all around me checking out the screen.  Enjoy his fun!


Sam1.jpg (11805 bytes)

Cyclops with hands bigger than his head.


Sam2.jpg (11239 bytes)

Chubby Bunny



Sam3.jpg (12262 bytes)

Me and My Best Friend



Sam4.jpg (10780 bytes)

(I don't even know what to call this.)



Sam5.jpg (6709 bytes)

So angry his head is exploding!



Sam6.jpg (15814 bytes)

Hilarious and adorable, all at the same time.



Sam7.jpg (11347 bytes)




Sam8.jpg (10794 bytes)

Look Closely

(He has 3 front teeth and 3 nostrils)



Sam9.jpg (11114 bytes)

The Ultimate Nerd - Megamind



Sam10.jpg (13885 bytes)

"Hey best friend!  This camera thing was a great idea!"